being grateful in front of our kids

The Light and the GloryThese quotes are from chapter 11 of The Light and the Glory. In this chapter the authors are documenting the decline of the faith of those in America just one generation after the first inhabitants.
For faith was not something that could be passed on from generation to generation, or imparted by baptism or the partaking of Holy Communion. In order for faith to come to flower, it must be planted in the soil of gratitude.

That’s enough to chew on, but read on,

But being born into town situations instead of having to carve them out of the wilderness, the succeeding generations would not know desperate need. They would grow up never knowing what it meant to be persecuted for one’s faith; to be mocked and scorned or even imprisoned merely because they loved God enough to attempt to put Him and His will before all else. The sons of the fathers would never know what it was like to have no land and no work and no say in how they were governed.

…Therefore they would not be inclined to put all their trust in God.

The rest of the chapter is too long to type out here but the wise words go on. You’ll have to get the book and continue reading on your own! Makes me wonder about America and it’s future. The kids and I discussed how on fire those that first came to America were and then as we read this chapter and the next the decline and then the Great Awakening. We saw the roller coaster of faith–which reminded me of Judges. Were are we now on that roller coaster? Is God going to put us through a time of persecution so we will return to Him?

I just know that we have realized in our home that we are so independent that we are not showing our gratitude to God in front of our kids. Yes, we are grateful (my husband and me, that is) for so much. We are just not doing a good job of having our kids pray with us for those things we are trusting God for. They might see or hear us thank Him in the end, but they weren’t in the whole process and we are doing them an injustice. This has been shown evident from my nine year old and his lack of gratitude in his prayers.

Praying God will show me how to be more transparent to my kids and not try to hide life’s struggles from them and let God walk us through it all!


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moleskine junkie

I’m Stephanie and I’m a moleskine junkie… 🙂

I just love them!

On Flickr there are some wonderfully awesome pics of the drawings that people do in theirs–you’ll find no awesome drawings in mine unfortunately. So what IS in mine-sermon notes, prayer journal, notes from the latest book I’ve read, misc. things I need to remember like the order info from a recent Amazon order, maybe a cute story about one of my kids. And my latest addition…I added tabs so that I could implement Getting Things Done from the book by David Allen.

My favorite pen to use is a Micron pen. I like the 03 or 05 size for use in my moleskines, but the 01 or 02 are really thin and great for taking notes in your BIble. They will NOT bleed through in your bible–which is AWESOME! They are especially great if you are doing inductive Bible studies where you are using different colors, etc. (Note: Use a 40% off coupon at Hobby Lobby and get a set there)

And here are some great pics on how to keep your pen handy and it really works great! No more fumbling for your pen–it’s always attached!

Tip: Number the pages when you first get a moleskine and keep the first page empty. Then when you fill up a book you can jot down a little Table of Contents on that first page in case you want to reference something later.

Here’s a Monster Collection of Moleskine Tips & Tricks for more moleskine reading! Enjoy!

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Well, I joined facebook. It is kind of fun, and besides this way I can follow my kids and stay on top of what all is going on! I would occasionally log on under their login to check up on them, but I think now I will do a better job. And besides some of my friends are now on and posting pics of their families and it is great to see them and see what they are doing too!

One thing I didn’t like was the ads, especially for my teen son. So I followed the directions from Online Tech Tips to block the ads and it works wonderfully!

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Natural Hair Care

This is part of Works for Me Wednesday hosted at Shannon’s blog–go there to read all the great ideas!

I am trying to make a conscience effort to replace things in our home with ones that are not made of chemicals. I have begun to try some of the homemade cleaners, etc. My family is not always cooperative, as you can well imagine. But here’s one that I’ve found that IS working for us!

I read about “No Poo” several months ago. You can read more here, or here, or here and it has nothing to do with your bowels! 🙂

I have somewhat done “no poo” and somewhat just replaced my shampoo with a natural alternative. But I’m finding that in one month I “wash” my hair about 6 times compared to at least 20 times a month before!

What you need: I use 2 clear bottles that are made for homemade dressings or sauces…like ketchup and mustard squirt bottles. You will also need some baking soda, apple cider vinegar, and some essential oil(alternative listed below).

Mixing: Bottle #1 is filled with warm water (about 1 1/3 cup) and 2-3 teaspoons of baking powder. Bottle #2 is filled with warm water (about 1 1/3 cup), one tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar, and a teaspoon of a natural conditioner or a few drops of essential oil. The conditioner that I had purchased was from Burt’s Bees and I used this at the beginning because I didn’t have any essential oil. It helps give it a nicer smell. Use whichever one you want!

Using: Use bottle #1 and squirt as much as half the bottle for those with really long hair and massage into scalp. Let sit a minute or so and then rinse thoroughly. Now squirt about the same amount from bottle #2 all over your hair making sure to get it all to the ends. Let this sit a couple of minutes then rinse well. That’s it!

A few notes: I try to keep my hair brushed with a natural brush more often now to spread the oil down the hair away from my scalp. This will help but won’t be great when you first start this! Your oil glands will begin to realize that you are not going to be washing and stripping all the oil off every day and they will begin to produce less oil. But the first week or so is a little rough–just keep your hair tied up! And lest you think I only bathe 6 times a month now–I am still taking the same number of showers I just don’t always wash my hair. When I’m not washing my hair I just massage my scalp and let the warm water run over it!

Not only is this a much healthier alternative–it is easy on the budget!

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Protecting your home library

Here’s a little lesson in how I cover my paperback books with clear laminate. I try to do this with the paperbacks that we use for school mostly. I don’t have them all done–not by a long stretch! But I do try to do as many as possible.

Supplies: You can buy rolls of clear Contact brand adhesive laminate in the kitchen aisles at Wal-Mart or Target. You will want a good pair of scissors and something to help you smooth out the air bubbles. I use a bone paper folder for this. You can find a paper folder in the cardmaking supplies of your local craft store.

1. Cut the clear laminate the length of the book–front cover, spine, back cover–plus about 1 1/2 to 2 inches all around.






2. Lay the contact paper with the paper backing up. Peel back half of the paper backing creasing the paper backing and exposing the sticky side of the laminate. (I don’t fold it exactly in half, so that I have enough to cover the spine.) Now lay your book on the sticky lining up the spine and allowing equal space at the top and bottom. I then flip the book over and smooth out any air bubbles with my paper folder.



3. After smoothing out the air bubbles, I trim the excess laminate so that I make flaps that can fold over to the inside of the back cover. To do this trim off a triangular shaped piece on each corner.





By the spine of the book make a diagonal cut right up to the cover. You should now have three ‘flaps’ that can be folded over the back cover to the inside. Fold over each one separately smoothing down with the paper folder before doing the next one.




4. Now you slowly peel back a little more of the paper backing so that you can cover the spine. Smooth it out, then move on to the front cover. I peel back a little, smooth a little with my hand. Then after it is completely covered I use the paper folder to smooth it out.

5. Now trim by the corners and the spine so that you make your three flaps again and fold them to the inside of the cover.


6. The spine should look a little funny with flaps hanging off the top and bottom something like this. I now take my sharp scissors and cut as close to the spine as I can and just cut this part off.


That’s it–All Done!

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Training Hearts, Teaching Minds

We have been using this book for family devotions. Training Hearts, Teaching Minds is based on the Westminster Shorter Catechism. It has 6 daily devotions for each question. I made journal pages for my children to record what they are working on and am sharing with you here. The devotions are simple and quick but good in explaining and demonstrating what each catechism question means.

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Summary: Using Tapestry of Grace

Well, I think I covered the frequently asked questions about Tapestry of Grace. Here is a quick link to all the posts in one spot in case you want to go look at a certain one.

Part 1 Explains the 4-year rotation and costs involved

Part 2 Choosing a Learning Level

Part 3 Choosing Books

Part 4 Planning

Part 5 Looks at a week at my house

Part 6 Looks at what subjects Tapestry covers, and those it doesn’t

If you have just recently purchased Tapestry go to this Setup page and see how to organize and set up your new curriculum–great stuff!

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Psalm 78:4

We will not hide them from their children, Telling to the generation to come the praises of the LORD, And His strength and His wonderful works that He has done.