Although we currently don’t use all this, we have used some at different times and would recommend them.

Student of the Word a curriculum to guide you to use the Bible as the center of your curriculum. It is not as polished as I’d like to see it…but it is still very good!

Keys To Bible Study is my blog on studying the whole Bible in a four year rotation with your entire family. It is a work in progress, feel free to go on over and contribute!

Tapestry of Grace Centers studies around history following a four year rotation. Why do I like it? All the great books you read and the fact that it is multi-level, meaning the whole family can learn together! (including Mom!)

Singapore Math  great elementary math…and we even use the middle school & high school books

Right Start Math a good math program if you need to be told exactly what to do each day. For us, we just use the “Activities for the AL Abacus” book with the AL Abacus to supplement our Singapore Math books. (look on the website under Tutorial Program)

All About Spelling is great for teaching your little ones to read and spell. We have also used and liked Spell to Write and Read. SWR is more thorough and goes up for higher grades. AAS has magnets that I love (although you could get the magnets and use with SWR) and AAS is easier to teach in a step-by-step format. Both are Orton-Gillingham based and very sound, you won’t go wrong with either program.

These are forms or worksheets that I have made and shared on this blog. These are for your private use only.
tog-weekly-plan.pdf found at Weekly planning with Tapestry of Grace

Assignment Sheet and Yearly Planning Sheet and Quarterly Planning Sheet found at Summer Planning

Index for Encyclopedia of Bible Truths

Catechism Journal to go with “Teaching Hearts, Training Minds” book


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 Design a homeschooling approach that is just right for your family! I had thoughts on making a website very similiar–then found out someone else already did it!

e-Sword Home
 great bible study software you can download FREE


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