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Here’s a little lesson in how I cover my paperback books with clear laminate. I try to do this with the paperbacks that we use for school mostly. I don’t have them all done–not by a long stretch! But I do try to do as many as possible.

Supplies: You can buy rolls of clear Contact brand adhesive laminate in the kitchen aisles at Wal-Mart or Target. You will want a good pair of scissors and something to help you smooth out the air bubbles. I use a bone paper folder for this. You can find a paper folder in the cardmaking supplies of your local craft store.

1. Cut the clear laminate the length of the book–front cover, spine, back cover–plus about 1 1/2 to 2 inches all around.






2. Lay the contact paper with the paper backing up. Peel back half of the paper backing creasing the paper backing and exposing the sticky side of the laminate. (I don’t fold it exactly in half, so that I have enough to cover the spine.) Now lay your book on the sticky lining up the spine and allowing equal space at the top and bottom. I then flip the book over and smooth out any air bubbles with my paper folder.



3. After smoothing out the air bubbles, I trim the excess laminate so that I make flaps that can fold over to the inside of the back cover. To do this trim off a triangular shaped piece on each corner.





By the spine of the book make a diagonal cut right up to the cover. You should now have three ‘flaps’ that can be folded over the back cover to the inside. Fold over each one separately smoothing down with the paper folder before doing the next one.




4. Now you slowly peel back a little more of the paper backing so that you can cover the spine. Smooth it out, then move on to the front cover. I peel back a little, smooth a little with my hand. Then after it is completely covered I use the paper folder to smooth it out.

5. Now trim by the corners and the spine so that you make your three flaps again and fold them to the inside of the cover.


6. The spine should look a little funny with flaps hanging off the top and bottom something like this. I now take my sharp scissors and cut as close to the spine as I can and just cut this part off.


That’s it–All Done!


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