Using TOG Part 6: Other Subjects

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Tapestry of Grace is a unit study based on chronological history, but it doesn’t just cover history. It also includes Geography, Church History, Bible (year one only), Worldview, Arts and Activities, Government (Rhetoric only), Literature, Writing (with some Grammar), Vocabulary, as well as some group/co-op Activities.

So what doesn’t it have?
Math: For us, we use Singapore Math. I can’t sing it’s praises enough. I have also used and liked RightStart Math as well. Both are Asian based, one from Singapore the other US written but based on Asian methods. We have continued to use the upper level Singapore books and are still pleased. Others require more help. Teaching Textbooks duplicates the look and methods of  Saxon which I detest, so I wouldn’t go there. I’ve heard good things about Chalkdust for upper level math, check them out if the Singapore Math intimidates you at the secondary level.

Bible: TOG Year 1 includes reading almost all of the Old Testament. I would not plan on using a separate Bible curriculum while doing Year 1. Years 2-4 include Church History only so you will want to do some actual Bible study on top of this. For us we are reading chronologically through the Bible with The Narrated Bible using the plan as outlined in “The Heart of Wisdom Teaching Approach” but on a much slower pace. (I am actually in the process of writing up all we are doing as it is a combination of a few programs and if I ever get it like I want it I’ll post it here.)

Language Arts: Writing assignments as well as some basic grammar concepts are included in TOG for 12 levels like your typical grade levels. A list of suggested vocabulary words that are specific to the topic and time period you are studying are listed for you each week in TOG. So what kinds of language arts do you need to add?

For younger elementary I would just add phonics. We use Spell to Write and Read and wholeheartily recommend it! This is actually phonics and spelling along with some grammar. I don’t recommend a formal grammar until at least fourth grade. I think it is abstract and pointless to teach young children grammar beyond “capitalize the first letter of a sentence and add a period.” With Spell to Write and Read there are weekly optional activities that include lots of grammar. Your child would be totally prepared to start a formal grammar program in fourth or even fifth grade if you solely used SWR prior to that.

As your children approach the end of elementary you may want a more formal writing program along with a grammar curriculum. I’m not sure I’ve found anything in this category that I love. This fall we are going to begin CQLA-Character Quality Language Arts. I’m not sold on the spelling portion, but other than that it looks fabulous! I’ll have to let you know more next year. Let me explain the writing portion. In TOG you will find writing assignments, like write a 3 point persuasive essay on the Civil War. You will NOT find directions on what it means and how to actually write a 3 point paper. TOG does sell “Writing Aids” which is a writing handbook that will help you with the how-to part. Used with the assignments you will have a writing program. Just for simplicity sake a workbook is sometimes nice to use–no planning and thinking on mom’s part–that’s why we are going to try out CQLA this year.

Science: In Tapestry you will study important people in the field of science, but you will want to add a Science curriculum. For my high school students we use the Apologia series like so many other homeschoolers. For my younger students we’ve done a few different things: Christian Kids Explore series, Christian Liberty Nature Reader, Considering God’s Creation, and ABeka.

I think that is the basics of what you would add to Tapestry. Of course some families consider adding: vocabulary/SAT/ACT prep for high schoolers, Foreign language, character qualities, life skills, or logic.


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