Using TOG Part 3: Choosing Books

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Now that you have chosen the learning levels you will be teaching you have to decide what books. Tapestry of Grace Year Plans are your blueprint for what you will teach and read each year.

So how do you decide what books to get? First I look at the books that are used many weeks, many units, or in multi-years. Go to the main Tapestry site and click on “Bookshelf” to go to the online store. On the front page of the Bookshelf you will see “How to order Tapestry in 5 Simple Steps.” Select #2 to look at Multi-Year Books and #3 to look at Multi-Unit books. You do have to go through a lot of pages to find what you need.

Here’s is a faster way: from the main Bookshelf page click on “Power Search” then select the Year Plan you will be using. Do NOT click on a unit. Click on ONE of the learning levels that you will be teaching. For Subject, select All. NOW hit “Search Now” then Print! Do this for each learning level you will be teaching.

From this list look at the second column titled “Units.” This tells you which units this book is used.

For example “Trial and Triumph” is listed when I search for Year 1, Upper Grammar. In the second column it says “Y1U4-Y4U4.” This means it is used in Year 1, Unit 4 all the way through to Year 4, Unit 4. I look in the second column to see if the book will be used in many units or even in many years. I also look in the “weeks” column to look for books that are used many weeks.

I highlight all the books that are used many weeks, multi-units, and multi-years. This becomes my wish list! I do try to buy all of these books. I look to the library for books that are just used one or two weeks. Listed below are some sites that I check for used books–which is mostly how I buy.

TOG is a topic specific curriculum and not book specific. That means that if you or your library has a book on the same topic you are welcome to read it and not the one listed on the Reading Chart. You will not miss out on some all important knowledge! That being said–of course if your first priority is simplicity (over frugality) then by all means stick with the list! Most homeschoolers have a budget and the education envelope is often puny–so stick with books that you can get free or cheap first.

If you are going for mostly free–look to your library. If you live in the US relatively close to a decent town you should be good. Remember that you can do interlibrary loans to get other books from different libraries. You should have good luck with the history and literature books, but I’ve not had good luck finding books on church history so often these get highlighted on my wish list as well.

Good places to look for used books: Amazon, Abebooks,, ebay, alibris and sometimes just typing the ISBN in a google search will result in finding it just as easy.

Good luck and happy shopping! Part 4 returns with info on planning out your week

Missed Part One? or Part Two?


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