Using Tapestry of Grace: Part 1

June 12, 2008 at 8:33 pm Leave a comment

I had the privilege of sharing Tapestry of Grace as a Booth Hostess at the MPE Conference in Kansas City in April. It is as a Christian multi-level history based unit study. There are many questions that people ask as they first start to look at and use Tapestry of Grace. Over the next few days I decided that I would post some of the answers that I share with others in case you find yourself looking for homeschool curriculum.

TOG follows the classical model of a four year history rotation. What does this mean? There are four Tapestry Year Plans. Your family will study Creation to current modern day time in four years. Once you have completed the four years of curriculum you will start over again with Creation! And just in case you have been studying Creation and Ancient History already this year–then pick it up with TOG’s Year 2 Plan and jump in with the Middle Ages. Each Tapestry year stands alone so you can start wherever you are in your chronological history rotation.

What will my child do when repeating the cycle–won’t they be bored? No! Tapestry is split into four learning levels. When you get a Tapestry year plan you are getting assignments for K-12! When your child begins to repeat the Year plan they will do so at a new learning level-delving deeper and deeper into the topics as they repeat them. In Part 2 I’ll explain a little more about the levels.

What is great–once you buy the Four Year Plans–you are done! It may seem like a lot of money up front, but to know that after just four years and you won’t have to purchase again is wonderful. Talk about bang for your buck! Which brings up one of the most asked questions–what about the cost? Let’s do a little math shall we!?

At $225 per year plan that comes to $900 for all four years. If I had just one child that I was teaching that comes to $69.23 per year (Kindergarten to 12th grade). No, this does not include books and other miscellaneous items–but the core teacher’s curriculum is just under $70 per year. And how many homeschoolers have just one child??? I think I know One family–which means you are really getting a bargain when you start dividing it up by how many children you have! I have four, multiplied by 13 (K-12th grade) that equals 52. $900 divided by 52 equals $17.31 per year per child. And if you or hubby want to crunch even more numbers then look at the “What’s the Bottom Line?” brochure on the Tapestry site. (You can find it from this link then click on “Brochures & Fliers” on the right)

Join me for Part 2 and the different learning levels tomorrow


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