from Homeschooling…to earning a College Degree

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 Now that my oldest has gotten a little older (unfortunately) we are starting to look into ways to earn a college degree. Let me direct you to two wonderful books that will really guide you in this area: “College Without Compromise” and “Accelerated Distance Learning.” The first gives a little more info into WHY? Why consider alternative ways to get a college degree? It offers a little help in to how to go about earning it…but not as well as “Accelerated Distance Learning.” This book shines in the area of exactly how to do it. The author claims to have earned his college degree in about 6 months and spending a total of just under $5,000! Sounds unbelievable I know! While you are on the Vision Forum site…pick up the cd set “Making Wise Decisions About College and Life After Home School.” After listening to this cd you will really think twice before sending your child off for a traditional four-year college route.

Other resources that I think will be helpful:
This ClepPrep website offers free lesson plans to help you prepare for CLEP tests.
InstaCert offers an online “flashcard” learning program to help you prepare for the tests. It does involve a $20/month fee but it can be started and stopped at any time.
And if you want to experience more of the “college life”…a hybrid model can be found at Verity Institute. Not as cheap as using the methods in “Accelerated Distance Learning” but if you are considering four years at a traditional college…then yes, this would be cheaper and sounds like the atmosphere and training would be more in line with Christians than a public or even private college.


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