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Building a tabernacle…with Legos

The kids and I finished our study of Exodus this last week. I found some free downloadable studies on the tabernacle. I found them a little too late to thoroughly go through with them, but I did read excerpts as they build a lego replica. (The kit they have at the above site looks really neat, but the legos worked!) Their lego tabernacle was by no means elaborate, but it really did help to have to build each item. It was so neat to see what each item meant in relation to Christ. We read through the chapter’s so fast and we hadn’t taken the time to really delve into why God was asking them to build all these parts. It was great to hear “Cool!” over and over from my 12 year old as he learned of the significance of each part. I thought it was pretty cool myself.


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another vote for Discipleship

Do you feel like you must be from another country? Maybe even another planet? Do people just wonder where you get all those crazy ideas? I have to remember that this is not my home! But it is encouraging to me when I meet others that have similiar views….somehow I feel a little normal! HomeDiscipling Dad has a great post you should read that resonates with my blog so well.

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keeping up with the Smith’s

 Many homeschooling families are one-income families and keeping up with the Smith’s (or Jones’) is not necessarily a big stumbling block. But in the homeschool circle we have our own version of “keeping up with the Smith’s” and it is just as dangerous! Check out this post for an encouraging word.

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my own domain

I know this might be silly, but I wanted a little more freedom with some things as far as design and other things. So I got my own domain name. I am slowly moving everything to so go check it out!

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Discussion and the Socratic method

I will admit that I haven’t done a great job of implementing discussion times with my kids. Yes, we do them but not at the level I would like. Of course, I have heard of the Socratic method. I know I am supposed to ask lots of questions. But seeing how that fleshes out is sometimes really hard. I found this great example online that I wanted to pass along.

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Psalm 78:4

We will not hide them from their children, Telling to the generation to come the praises of the LORD, And His strength and His wonderful works that He has done.