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Go To Egypt

Ever tried scouring the internet for an online sample of a homeschool book? There is a plethora of homeschool material on the market and not a lot of local bookstores to check them out at. It is great to actually get your hands on something before you buy. Well here is a great opportunity!

Try out Tapestry of Grace curriculum with a free three week unit study on Ancient Egypt. This enables you to try out three actual weeks from the Year One curriculum along with helpful notes to guide you along the way. This is WAAAAYY beyond just seeing a few sample pages!

Let me just give you a few reasons why I like TOG:
One of the best things is being able to study as a family one history time period. I have three school-aged children and using the traditional textbook approach I would have three students all studying different time periods. TOG allows us to read and discuss all together, as well as do mapwork, activities, and other projects. Building relationships is a big reason I homeschool so it is great how TOG fosters this.

The amount of great living books listed in the plan are wonderful. I don’t have to search for good books for my kids to read. (and we know that if it is up to me searching…then often it doesn’t get done!) After one year with this program I saw my oldest learn to really enjoy reading which was such a blessing.

And probably another big reason for me is that I am learning history right along with my kids. History was always a boring subject for me in school. I learned to pass the tests, but never learned the material. The teacher notes in the curriculum allow me to learn and get up to speed without reading all the books that my children are reading. This is such a huge blessing for moms that don’t have a lot of time. (And what mom does?)

well that’s my shameless plug for a great curriculum…go check it out!


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Scripture memorization resources

My kids have been in AWANA a number of years. But currently my 2nd grader is not involved for various reasons (that aren’t worth listing here). I found a “Memory Work Notebook” from Great Commission Publications to be a nice supplement.

It lists memory verses and catechism questions at the beginning level for a 3 year old. The child then progresses through each level. They have it listed for 3 year old through high school. If you started your child when they were three, this would not last through high school. But I think that this book can be used by students in high school as they are foundational verses to the Christian faith. So I am assuming that is why they have the ages listed the way they do.

Here is something I have only seen a quick glimpse of, but it seems very similar.

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Singapore Math on YouTube

I am a big fan of Singapore Math! I wrote about it here.

But I found this video on YouTube today from a meterologist in Washington state. It is amazing all the different forms of math that can be found.  You won’t find any fuzzy math like that in Singapore.

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odds and ends

Well first, I decided it was time for a little color change. So we’ll see how I like this new color template!

Now for a few interesting things I found in the blogosphere:

These first two posts in a series is good… “Churching an Entertainment Culture” actually you will find lots of great stuff at

Pastor Steve Weaver has done a series on expository preaching. I found it interesting.

Misc. Note: hold the mouse over one of the links above…and a little preview screen pops up…a new wordpress thing I guess…pretty cool!

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“Chain of Christianity”

This last week we made a simple timeline with our main links. FACE uses the term “Chain of Christianity.”Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Here is a post with some pics of another moms timeline. I like how she left room under the main links to paste pictures of their studies of other People, Places, and Events.

We also made some dividers for our history notebook with these main links. Here are two examples.

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Family birthday party

I read this tonight and wanted to pass it along. I only have four children…but I still think it is a great idea! Sounds like an annual event that would be remembered and carried on even for my grandkids! What a heritage building opportunity this could be…

can’t wait to catch them on TLC on January 29th to hear how it all works!

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Routine vs. Schedule

I keep going back and forth over this…a weakness of mine 🙂
First I started the year with more of a routine. I had a list of things to be done and we worked through them in that order. We did not look at the clock for a start and end time. But soon after school started, I pulled out my MOTH book and we set up times for everything. That never lasts long. 😦 It doesn’t take long for us to get off schedule and when we do, I tend to just ditch the whole rest of the day. As you can imagine, we get very little accomplished this way.

After reading Lisa’s post on routine, I’ve decided to go back to that route. I went back to the Heart of Wisdom book and looked at her schedule as well. And here is our new ‘routine’ for 2007:

8:30 We meet at the table to begin: (personal devotions and breakfast done prior)
God’s Word: Catechism, character quality, bible reading (along with reading instruction), and bible studies using SOW

10:30 Snack and then on to studing God’s World: Math and Science

12:00 Lunch, chores, break

1:30 study God’s Plan: History and geography
then on to study God’s Kingdom: different life skills, etc

I am going to move literature reading and AWANA studying to later on their own time. They can work on these in the afternoon or in the evening. Hopefully, this will simplify things and we will get more accomplished. The only fault I see so far is not having enough time for Science studies because math can take awhile on some days. I’ve thought about alternating History and Science studies so that History is Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Science is Tuesday, Thursday. (or something like that) Time will tell!

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Psalm 78:4

We will not hide them from their children, Telling to the generation to come the praises of the LORD, And His strength and His wonderful works that He has done.