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October 10, 2006 at 10:51 pm Leave a comment

I stumbled across something I read quite a while back, but it is great help if you are just starting with Spell To Write & Read. “Getting Started 101” by Liz FitzGerald. It will walk you through setting up your materials, where to start reading, how to start a master learning log, and more.

I set my materials up a little different than her. I keep all my SWR materials in a rubbermaid tub kind of like a letter box. I cut off the spine of my SWR and WISE books had the covers laminated and then coil bound. I laminated my phonogram cards and spelling rule cards and I keep them rubber-banded in the tub. I have a pencil pouch for pencils in this tub, a small personal whiteboard, handwriting paper, learning logs, etc. I find this much easier than a couple of big binders. Although we do have a binder on the shelf to hold the Diagnostic tests, daily quizzes, and tests. So each school day when it is time for SWR I just pull out our bucket and sit it beside us and we get to work!


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