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Journaling Bible

I received my ESV Journaling Bible and I really do like it. The paper is a nice creamy color and with Micron pens (in many colors) you can’t really tell from the back side where you’ve written except in outside margin, but even then it’s not bad. I would recommend a Micron pen. I bought the one that says 01. I had one that was 05 and found it was too big to write neat and small. You can find these pens in the art or scrapbook section at a craft store. I tried a fine point ballpoint pen that I like, but made an impression on the back side and the following page.

The book is pretty small and the type even smaller, but overall I’m very happy with my purchase. If you need larger type, then I would check out some of the other wide margin bibles.

This week I have read our passage for school and taken notes in the bible…which is/will make it so nice as the kids and I go over the passage.


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History studies

We are using Truthquest Ancient Egypt/Greece book this fall and plan to use the Ancient Rome book for the Spring semester. I have studied some of the Principle Approach and some of it has come into play in my Philosopy of Education. It is a hard thing to describe and seems hard to implement…but I’m trying!

I made sheets up based on Katherine Dang’s Key Sheets from the Judah Bible Curriculum or found in the book “Guide to American Christian Education.” I made some for my younger students to draw and write what they can as we discuss. Then I made out a sheet to walk my older students through writing a 3-5 paragraph paper about the key.

We read the Truthquest commentary together and then my kids read different books over the next 2-3 days. I read aloud to my 7yo and my 11 & 13yo sometimes listen in, but they have books to read on their own as well. After we’ve finished our reading we spend two days discussing our reading and doing about 2 key sheets…depending on the topics for that week.

Here’s my sheets if you would like to see them, they are all in pdf format so you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader.
Younger Students:
Key Person
Key Event
Key Group
Key Document
Key Object (this is one I made up to use for inventions, or other significant items)

Older Students:
Key Sheets (they are all in one file)

and here’s a link to Melissa’s blog where she explains what they are doing with Truthquest

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Daily Devotional time

I thought I’d share what me and my kids do for our time of devotion in the morning. This is what we started doing early this year…although, we weren’t very faithful through the summer. I ask my older kids (11 & 13) to read at least one chapter in the bible every day. They can pick wherever they want to read…but they must start with chapter 1 and keep reading in that book until they finish. Then they are to journal a few sentences about something they learned, a command they should obey, a promise from God, or just whatever.

Since we started using the SOW curriculum this fall for school, I have changed their journaling up a little. They are to write PRAYS letters each day as outlined in SOW. Each letter stands for something different. So on Monday it is a Praise letter; Tuesday a Repent letter; Wednesday an Ask letter; Thursday a Yield letter; and Friday a Supplication letter. The directions for each letter ask them to think about their bible reading when answering the questions and writing their prayer letters. Hopefully this will help give them a model by which to learn to pray.

I just started reading Acts this week, and am trying out using the prayer letters. I’m not sure I like doing them myself, but I do like it for them. In the past I have tried reading a portion of Psalms and rewrote a few verses in my own words as a Praise to God and then journaled about whatever else I read and what I thought I could learn from the passage. I think I like this better…but we’ll see.

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Study Bible

I came across this from a link at the site and found it quite interesting. I never realized that even wide margin bibles were made for notetaking. The idea intrigued me so much, I thought about following suit and taking apart a bible I had. But the more I thought about rebinding it somehow…I changed my mind.

I did, however, decide to order the new Journaling Bible. I’ll let you know next week when it arrives how I like it. (I ordered mine from Christian Book Distributors.) I am eager with anticipation 🙂

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Biblical foundations for Bible study

Next week we start school and I was hoping each day to highlight with the kids why we should each subject according to God’s Word.

So, of course, I plan to start Monday with why we should study the Bible. I have posted lots here about making the Bible our handbook for life and I will undoubtedly share parts of this with the kids.

But I was passed along a great site today, Bible Charts. Click on “The Bible” on the side, then scroll under “History” to find “Introduction to the Bible.” I printed one off for myself and my kids to read through together on Monday. Thanks to InstaVerse, I was able to very quickly type out a sheet for myself with all the verses for easy reference. Here’s the pdf of the verses.

And since we will be starting Genesis, under Old Testament, I printed off the overview chart of Genesis. Lots of great info on this site! Definitely one to bookmark!

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One week and counting…

until we officially start our new year home schooling. I still have a few things I am trying to cram and prepare for, but for the most part I am more organized than ever. Soon I hope to get some blogging done! I am excited to begin our bible studies this year with Student of the Word curriculum. I hope to blog some on what the Lord is showing me as I study along with the kids. We are beginning at the beginning–Genesis.

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I have spent a couple of hours downloading commentaries and other extras for e-Sword. I had downloaded e-Sword a few months ago, but haven’t taken the time to figure out how to use it. But now, I must say, I think I might really enjoy this. After downloading lots of the extras, I can really see how this might be a great addition to our home school and personal bible studies. I would recommend looking at the tutorials…they are fairly quick and painless, and will really help you get started. And don’t worry…it’s free (there are some fees with some of the add-ons, but most are free).

e-Sword Home

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Psalm 78:4

We will not hide them from their children, Telling to the generation to come the praises of the LORD, And His strength and His wonderful works that He has done.