My Picks for Phonics, Reading, and Spelling

June 28, 2006 at 3:40 am Leave a comment

My pick for this subject is “Spell to Write and Read” by Wanda Sanseri. I could explain it all to you, but Britta does a great job. Here is another great explanation.
(You can purchase the program from both of these sites or here at amazon.)

I was first introduced to the Writing Road to Reading when my oldest attended a small private school. When we went back to homeschooling, I bought the book and tried to implement the program at home. I did do this, but not very successfully. I fumbled through the program with my second, knowing the program was good. I tried to do a better job of learning and teaching the program. As my third approached reading age, I found SWR and think it is just wonderful!

The author studied under Romalda Spalding the author of WRTR so the program follows the same principles, methodology, etc. but is much easier to follow and use. A couple of training dvd’s are now available to purchase. (I plan to purchase these before the fall.) Make sure you get the core kit…Spell to Write and Read, WISE Guide, phonogram cards, spelling rule cards, and a learning log.

In my homeschooling journey, I have migrated towards books and materials that are not grade specific, not consumable, and not textbooks. (I may explain that in another post.) Anyway, this is a good program to invest in. It can be used with many ages/grades and over and over each year.

And please don’t think your child can already read and you don’t need this program. If you are looking for a spelling program, try this, no matter the age.

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